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Letter: Make time to visit elderly loved ones

Make time to visit elderly loved ones

Whoever thinks they will spend the balance of their life in a nursing home? I live with my husband, who has Alzheimer’s, in an assisted living home. He is with me 24/7. I have spent many years volunteering – from hospice to hospitals to assisted living facilities.

The questions that come are: Why am I here? When can I go home? And the most important one: What happened to my family and friends? Some families drop them off and never stop in to see them. All they want is to hear “I love you.” Talk about memories of the past, show them pictures or read to them. If they can take a ride, take them out to eat. Even if you think they don’t understand, they do.

When you were young, they were always there for you. Now they need you. Some family members say, “You have so many others around you to talk to.” But it is not the same as family. Please come and visit, and let them know you love them. Some residents sit at the door all day waiting. I know people are busy, but it is still mom or dad. Even a two-minute phone call would make them happy.

Mary Arone