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Letter: Honor Fillmore, Cleveland with library near Canalside

Honor Fillmore, Cleveland with library near Canalside

This area should establish a presidential library near Canalside honoring the two former presidents who started their careers here and then ascended to the nation’s highest office. Presidents Millard Fillmore and Grover Cleveland, although not born here, played an important part in the development of Buffalo and Western New York.

These presidents may not have been the most notable, but they are part of a select group who have held the office. Fillmore was the 13th president. Cleveland, being elected to two non-consecutive terms, is considered the 22nd and 24th president. Technically, Buffalo was home to three of the 44 presidencies, not a bad average.

The library would not have to be limited to just the two presidents – it could also honor many other notable Western New Yorkers. From Lucille Ball to Sara Hinson, the founder of Flag Day, to our current chief justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts, who was born in Buffalo, there are plenty of eligible candidates. What’s important about a project like this is that it would highlight our unique history and help restore our sense of community pride.

Bob Gorenflo