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Edward Forster uses maple in as many ways as possible

Edward Forster can make just about anything sound delectable.

Take kale: “Marinated kale and citrus with some sunflower sprouts and sliced oranges is pretty phenomenal,” said Forster, 31, who has worked in some of the top restaurants in the world and whose “pop up” meals at spots including Silo City and Lloyd’s Taco Truck have garnished rave reviews in recent months. (Visit The Workshop Buffalo Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages for more details.)

What would he recommend for maple syrup, in honor of the end of Maple Weekend today and Saturday? (Visit for locations.)

“I’ve been playing with a lot of ice creams,” he said one day last week, “and this morning I made a blue cheese and maple gelato to go on top of a beef tartare with pickled red onion and egg yolk. ...

“Maple syrup is fun in the way you take it and acidulate it by adding a touch of lemon juice and let it dry at room temperature in a thin sheet,” he added. “It actually produces a little crumble, a crispy, that can be used as a seasoning. Something like a seared chicken roulade, crystallized maple, green strawberries and basil would be pretty awesome for this time of year. ... You can use a maple marshmallow to season soups. When you roast squash or glaze carrots, you can toss it with a little maple and hit it with a touch of vinegar.

– Scott Scanlon

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