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Letter: U.S. should develop natural gas resources

U.S. should develop natural gas resources

It would appear to me that now is the perfect chance in time to do what the United States does best, that is to use the free-market system as a tool for opportunity as well as a means to control or marginalize Russian aggression.

If Germany and the European Union get the majority of their natural gas energy from Russia, it seems we could move in on that market because the United States is the Saudi Arabia of natural gas resources.

Why not begin brokering some deals with the other G-7 nations on natural gas exports from us? I know also that Ford has some natural gas production cars being manufactured. We could sell cars and gas, creating more jobs at home, as well as doing something solid about foreign policy.

It appears to me that the Obama administration is playing checkers while Russian President Vladimir Putin is playing chess.

Michael P. Connelly Jr.

West Seneca