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Letter: Decision to move school was not made in haste

Decision to move school was not made in haste

Disinvestment – that is a very strong accusation to level against the trustees, administration and staff of King Center Charter School. As a charter school, our mission is to ensure that the educational needs of our students are not only met but exceeded. This focus of investing in our children has allowed KCCS to provide innovative, creative and challenging programs and be able to partner with organizations such as the Gates Foundation. Our proposal to purchase and move to School 71 does not mean we are leaving our students, since they come from all over the City of Buffalo, or teaching them to “escape.”

The mission of King Urban Life Center is community-focused, and as a separate entity it will not be leaving the neighborhood or prevented by our move from continuing its dream of turning the neighborhood into a great place to raise a family. It will still be the base of energy and revitalization as it builds on existing programs and develops new ones to fit the needs of the area.

The decision by the trustees to move was not made in haste or in isolation from the school community of parents, staff, administration and oversight board. Henry Louis Taylor’s statement is correct that King Urban Life Center has repeatedly offered to finance our expansion and even act as developer for the Rich Street site, yet its most recent proposal would cost the school $6 million more than the purchase and rehab of School 71.

Growth by definition means change and transition, and the lessons taught by our staff to our students enable them to grow, change and develop transition skills for a contemporary society. Their self-esteem is strong, their love of education is powerful and their thirst of learning is lifelong.

Carl B. Morgan

Board Member and Treasurer

King Center Charter School