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Trivia Quiz

1. What was the first colony of the British Empire?

2. During what two phases does the moon appear as a half moon?

3. An acre contains 4,840 of what?

4. Does All Fools’ Day differ from April Fools’ Day?

5. Who wrote “Frankenstein”?

6. “Hellion” is a descriptive word for what kind of person?

7. Baboons have short tails, long tails or none at all?

8. What are the three largest states in area?

9. What is the only breed of dog that has a black tongue instead of a pink tongue?

10. What Southern city was the birthplace of Martin Luther King?


1. Newfoundland, in 1583.

2. First and third quarters.

3. Square yards.

4. No, they are the same day.

5. Mary Shelley.

6. One who is mischievous, or a rascal.

7. Short tail.

8. In order, they are Alaska, Texas and California.

9. The chow.

10. Atlanta.

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