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Music review: “Louder” by Lea Michele

As teenagers, new singers and musicians enter our lives frequently, altering our choice of music more often than not. Lea Michele is one of those singers whose songs I think we can all relate. Her songs express heartbreak, relationships and standing up for yourself. Michele’s debut album, “Louder,” showcases not just what people go through in life but also what teens go through on a high school level.

This pop album made its debut at No. 1 on the iTunes charts on March 3. Each song on this album has very distinct differences in the instrumentals, which can really appeal to the listener. I think it is better to have a mixture of slow songs and fast-paced songs with a different meaning in each of them. It gets pretty dull listening to an album composed of the same type of songs just with different lyrics. This album showcases a mixture, making the pace of the next song unpredictable.

There really aren’t many flaws in this album, but they are easy to pinpoint. Some of the lyrics repeat themselves too many times. An example of this is the song “If You Say So,” which was written for her boyfriend, Cory Monteith, who died in July. The phrase “seven whole days” is repeated 15 times. Though it is a very emotional song, this reiteration is too excessive. Also, some of the rhyming in this album seems to be very youthful.

The “Glee” actress shows off her voice on the album. Before I listened to “Louder,” I didn’t think that Michele, with her Broadway-style voice, could pull off pop songs, but she proved me wrong. I would, without a doubt, recommend this album. I would be comfortable listening to it with my family in the car or just hanging out with friends. The lyrics seem to relate to everyone on a personal level, but in an appealing way. I’d give this album a 10 out of 10 despite a few flaws.

I could listen to this album whether I’m feeling down or looking for a good dance beat. This album gives us something different than the other popular artists that seem to keep doing the same thing. It’s a new kind of music we really haven’t encountered much. I think many teenagers will listen to this new music. I’ll be listening to “Louder” over and over, especially “Cue the Rain.”

Victoria Heist is a sophomore at Alden High School.