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Letter: Turner’s misinformation politicizes Keystone pipeline

Turner’s misinformation politicizes Keystone pipeline

If Douglas Turner’s “Environmental left stalls energy progress” was a research paper, he probably would not receive a passing grade. One needs to do research to do such a report.

In his comments on fracking, Turner conveniently leaves out pertinent information when he compares New York to the experiences in Pennsylvania and Ohio. He erroneously claims if New York doesn’t allow fracking, we will become more dependent on federal government handouts. I guess fracking is the only way to create jobs.

Turner claims that a new study paid for by the State Department proclaims the tar-sand oil and Keystone XL pipeline will have “no appreciable effect on the environment.” The report actually states the opposite. Tar-sand crude produces 17 percent more greenhouse gases than conventional crude. What the report did say was that greenhouse gases will not increase if the Keystone XL pipeline is built. The oil will be extracted at the same elevated polluting rate regardless of how it is transported.

Turner also states that Keystone XL oil will help the United States become energy independent. That might be true if the Canadian oil company sells it to us. To assume this is a done-deal is a bit presumptuous. Finally, his contention that increased natural gas production will help Ukraine deal with Vladimir Putin is pure folly. It would take years to build the infrastructure necessary to sell this resource overseas.

Turner does everyone a disservice with his column. Why is it the “environmental left”? Is the Department of Defense leftist because it recognizes climate change as a major issue? Unfortunately, it’s people like Turner, with misleading information, who have politicized environmental issues.

Gary M. Schulenberg