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Letter: Time to stop abusing food service workers

Time to stop abusing food service workers

When did it become acceptable to treat a food service employee like an animal? When did it become acceptable for a person to degrade someone for his own personal gain? When did a $7 entrée become a major purchase that requires the customer to intimidate a teenager in the workforce, just to get a little extra? Why do we as a society allow this disgusting behavior to occur?

I am a manager in the food service industry, and I am ashamed to be associated with nasty, rude, degrading, irate human beings who think it is OK to yell like a raging monster to get something for free. I’m ashamed that employees cannot do their job without having major anxiety when a customer takes out his bad day on them. I am disgusted every time I see a customer make someone behind the counter cry. I am frustrated that we as an industry don’t defend our employees more. Are we so greedy that it is OK to let someone speak down to our workers, just to make a profit?

We need to have a little patience, be more understanding and calm down. We also need to realize that “the customer is always right” is an outdated phrase that continually gets abused by those who are trying to get something for nothing. We need to stop rewarding bad behavior and simply say “no” to those who feel it is OK to act this way. It is not. This is 2014, we can do better.

John Szablewski