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Letter: We must regain control of Bennett High School

We must regain control of Bennett High School

It was very disturbing reading The News article, “Woes at Bennett High School.” I graduated from Bennett in 1973. At that time it was an excellent school with a great faculty. It was also an integrated school with very few problems. We received a quality education and the graduation rate was extremely high. This is not the case today.

The article mentioned students roaming the hallways, fights breaking out, gang violence and a very high dropout rate. Why did the School Board allow these conditions to worsen year after year? Why has it waited so long to take action, and why did it think bringing in an out-of-town principal would solve the problem? These issues should have been addressed years ago.

The other concern I have is where the parents are. My father died when I was 10; my mother raised me by herself. She always made sure I got up on time, went to school and did my homework. The value of getting a good education starts at home.

The Buffalo School Board needs to take steps to take back control of Bennett High School. We must provide students, who want to learn, a good education. Let’s not depend on one person to do this; we need a collective action!

Michael A. Krellner

West Seneca