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Q: What happened to Jessica Yellin of CNN? I haven’t seen her there in a while. – Steve Portman, Buffalo

A: The network’s former chief White House correspondent was moved last summer to a position reporting on domestic affairs, and she left CNN a couple of months later. She also had covered the White House for ABC for several years prior to her CNN tenure.


Q: What has Hugh Laurie been doing since “House” ended? – Mike Lang, Columbus, Ohio

A: Largely focusing on his music, something he got back to by playing dates literally within days of finishing his work on the Fox medical drama in 2012. His most recent album is last year’s “Didn’t It Rain,” but he’s getting back into an acting groove by playing the villain opposite George Clooney in the Disney-produced movie “Tomorrowland,” being aimed for a 2015 release.


Q: How many seasons of “Scandal” have there been, and are they all on DVD? – Tracy Simmons, Baltimore

A: It might seem as if the much-buzzed-about ABC series has been around longer, but it’s only in its third season. The previous two are available on disc, and you can be sure that the third will follow, likely just before the fall TV season begins.


Q: Someone told me Zooey Deschanel’s father also is in show business. If so, who is he? – Lauren Smith, Schaumburg, Ill.

A: The dad of the “New Girl” star and her “Bones”-starring sister, Emily, is veteran cinematographer Caleb Deschanel, whose latest work can be seen in the movie “Winter’s Tale.”