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Niagara County Real Estate Transactions


• Comstock Road, Suzanne F. Milleville to AM Farms Llc, $204,000.

• Upper Mountain Road, Matthew P. Foe; Jeanette S. Kroening to Karin Erdmann; Kaitlin Erdmann, $150,000.


• Escarpment Drive, Brookhaven Trust 92774; John P. Bartolomei to Robert DiCamillo, $337,500.

• 665 Cayuga Drive, Christopher McLaughlin to Paul Marotta, $138,000.

• Saunders Settlement Road, Patrick J. Gilliam; Cynthia D. Gilliam to Gregory C. Miller, $115,000.

• Callan Drive, Jennifer C. Swetts to Nicholas A. Zuccari, $106,000.

• Ridgeview Ave., Mary R. Wilkinson; Gerald A. Skene to Marilyn C. Rinehart, $103,000.

• Chicora Drive, Chicora Drive Development to Robert Shumaker; Nathan Shumaker, $49,500.


• Priscilla Lane, Teresa S. Mellies; Teresa S. Langdon to Ursula Darlow; James S. McNeil, $97,000.

• West High St., Terry L. Fearby to Andrew Zion, $50,000.

• Ontario St., Carol A. Marsch to Joseph C. Hufnagel, $35,000.

• High St., Jeffrey J. Prue; Carrie L. Prue to Rampage Group, $27,000.

• Prospect St., Kevin Shanley; Susan Mangano; Michael W. Shanley to Maria D. Dool, $22,000.


• Lincoln Ave., D.N. Fudoli Properties to R.J. Gullo Properties No. 1 Inc., $735,000.

• Woodmore Court, Gary A. Kemble; Kathleen M. Kemble to Bradley L. Sendlak, $169,950.

• Buell Drive & Beattie Ave., Linda Lorentz; Charles R. Mullen to James H. Frosell, $142,000.

• Strauss Road, Grace Burruano; Albert A. Burruano to Holly Schneegold; Michael Schneegold, $92,500.


• Corwin Ave., Gary Weber; Diane Lanfear; Diane Clogston; Harold Weber; James Weber; Thelma J. Weber to Nicole R. Mills, $75,000.

• 2603 William St., Fannie Mae to Barbara Barnes; Troy Barnes, $53,000.


• John St., Michael J. Moyer; Marlene C. Moyer to David Kitcho, $87,900.

NIAGARA FALLS Highest price: $109,500 Average price: $61,006 Median price: $56,100 Number of Sales: 8

• 210 & 212 84th St., Arthur V. Ceccato III; Teresa Kapfer; Teresa Ceccato; Teresa M. Ceccato to Christopher Ambrosia, $109,500.

• John St., Michael J. Moyer; Marlene C. Moyer to David Kitcho, $87,900.

• 2905 Weston Ave., Christine L. Parker to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $81,547.

• Forest Ave., Henry Viverito; Sylvia Baptiste; Andrea M. Martinez to Cynthia L. Allan, $64,500.

• 74th St., Timothy J. Cadwallader to Robert F. Dusel, $47,700.

• 8711 Munson Ave., Suntrust Mortgage Inc. to Joseph M. Tardibuono, $44,900.

• Ferry Ave., DM Property Management to Hina Mansoor, $35,000.

• Willow Ave., Mark Rivera to KC Erie Niagara Properties, $17,000.

NORTH TONAWANDA Highest price: $184,900 Average price: $106,020 Median price: $126,077 Number of Sales: 8

• Daniel Drive, Colleen Sexton to Shawn D. Breeden; Melissa A. Breeden, $184,900.

• Woodbury Drive, Susanne Parish; Louis Parish to Betsy Iglesias, $140,000.

• Dangelo Drive, Wendy D. Swart; Ronald W. Swart to Kevin Young; Kelley Young, $127,200.

• 198 Schenck St., Christopher E. Brick to Fannie Mae, $127,155.

• Forbes St., Pamela J. Karn to Murray A. MacDonald, $125,000.

• Frontier Ave., Shawn D. Breeden; Melissa A. Breeden to Caitlin M. Fulle, $88,907.

• Woodward Ave., Herta Szlachta to Thomas L. Davison, $35,000.

• Sisson Drive, Adolph Reginald Victor; Adolph R. Victor; Sondra G. DeFranks to Jessica Harding, $20,000.


• Creekbend Drive, Majestic Woods Development to Steven M. O’Neil; Kathleen M. O’Neil, $87,000.


• 2nd St. & Lockport St., Dopset Realty Co. to Diane M. Melloni, $225,000.

• Lake Road, Gary A. Nolan to William H. Fitzsimmons III; Chandra R. Fitzsimmons, $164,000.

• Oak St., John Morreale; Michele M. Smith to Bank of America, $82,000.

• Youngstown-Wilson Road, Raymond Diez; Eleanor J. Diez; Kenneth G. Diez; Raymond Dietz; Raymond J. Dietz to Jeffrey M. Plache, $80,340.


• South Main St. & Freeman Road, Jan M. Freeman; Robin B. Freeman; Marnie L. Stober to Freeman L. Stephen Jr., $7,000.


• Woodward St., Tracey E. Bowerman; Michael L. Bowerman to Harry W. Laughlin; Janice M. Bissell, $127,000.

• 8697 Church St., Anthony D. Pavlock to Joseph E. Heitzenrater, $55,000.


• Ashwood Drive, Vanderbilt Properties Inc. to Steven S. Becker; Katie A. Becker, $355,000.

• Errick Road, Jerry W. Toellner; Betty J. Brown; Jo Ann M. Durick to GMD Development, $260,000.

• Deborah Lane, Brian R. Skrzypek; Denise M. Skrzypek to Jaclyn Belair; Joseph Belair, $199,000.

• Shawnee Road, Julien M. Thiele; Marie E. Cole; Paul L. Thiele; Elizabeth S. Thiele to Thomas Faso Jr., $70,000.


• Beebe Road, Ruth I. Cook; Linda R. Clare to Kelly A. O’Connor, $103,000.