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Letter: Students should always be encouraged to read

Students should always be encouraged to read

The front-page article on March 18, “Why should kids just sit and stare?” upset me. I cannot believe some school administrators would rather have children sit than read a book. Apparently administrators in Lancaster, Williamsville and a few other districts have no sense or are being vindictive.

As a retired educator, I spent my career encouraging students to read. Research shows that the more a child reads appropriate books, the better reader he/she becomes. Reading a good book would engage the students and perhaps if they found the “just right” book, encourage them to read even more. I understand that books must be print because no electronic devices are allowed in the test rooms. However, many of us found the magic of reading a book instead of sitting in front of a screen. I would think anyone in education would want to encourage the love of reading and not punish the students and parents who opt out.

Pamela F. Boehler