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Letter: Building sounds great, but pick a better name

Building sounds great, but pick a better name

I greatly admire Rocco Termini for his ongoing efforts in revitalizing Buffalo. Each of his buildings has been beautifully restored, earning high praise and further enhancing Buffalo pride. His latest project, a restaurant featuring hot dogs, will be a unique architectural structure.

In a recent News article, this soon-to-be-built structure was described as “green, sustainable and made from recycled materials.” This kind of building will not only be unique, it may also help highlight the value of this form of architecture.

I was extremely disappointed, however, when I heard the name of this new restaurant will be Dog é Style. Although some might find humor in this risque name, others will surely find it inappropriate and offensive. Such a name will most certainly invite crude comments from some who go there. It is terrible role modeling. Our city deserves much better.

I am hoping Termini reconsiders the name, choosing instead one that doesn’t detract from the exciting architectural design of his new building, and its environmental importance.

Chris Snyder