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Letter: Parents protesting tests should use proper venue

Parents protesting tests should use proper venue

After reading yet another front-page headline about the Common Core controversy, I feel compelled to respond. I am the parent of a third-grade student at Smallwood Drive Elementary. My son will take the exams and he will be just fine. In fact, other than seeing the term “Common Core” on homework and school assignments, he would not know anymore about the term if not for all of the media attention. He has not received any type of pressure or stress from his teachers. Smallwood has done an outstanding job and has worked very hard to be creative and nurturing while teaching elements of this new system.

This is a time of change, an effort to improve our educational system. And educational reform is getting a lot of valuable attention. Certainly every child has the absolute right to a good education. Certainly all elements of the Common Core are not perfect. However, parents who oppose it need to go to their lawmakers, superintendents, boards of education, etc. The parents who are involving their children in this controversy are the ones creating the stress for their own children. It is a disservice. These children are not being tortured; they are being tested.

I do not fear my son taking the exams, whatever his scores. Rather, I fear that on the days of testing he will be witness to and distracted by a controversy that his third-grade mind need not be troubled by. I respect the decision to disagree with me, but I would ask those who do to please do so in the proper venues and not bring this argument to our test locations. I would ask that they leave my son and those who will participate alone.

Courtney Scime