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Get creative when making snacks

Creativity counts when it comes to drawing kids toward healthy foods.

“It’s just those different ways that you can incorporate foods for children – and adults, because that’s us, too – so that we can all eat healthier,” said Antoinette Davis, who oversees the Child and Adult Food Care Program, part of the Child Care Resource Network in Erie County.

Davis shared some of her favorite kid-pleasing treats:

Oscar the Grouch Veggie Plate

Broccoli florets (body)

Purple grapes (mouth)

Yellow bell pepper (eye brows)

Plain, low-fat yogurt

Blueberries (eyes)

Small white cups (eyes/yogurt)

Directions: Allow children to arrange broccoli florets on round plate. Adult or supervised child should cut yellow bell pepper into half circles (Oscar really has a unibrow). Use small cups to make eyes. Use blueberries to make his mouth. Fill cups with yogurt and place a blueberry in each one for eyes. Enjoy!

Elmo Veggie or Fruit Plate

Strawberries or cherry tomatoes (body)

Orange slices or baby carrots (nose)

Black raspberries/purple grapes/blueberries

Plain, low-fat yogurt

Small white cups (eyes/yogurt)

Directions: Allow children to arrange tomatoes or strawberries on a round plate. Use small cups to make eyes. Peel orange and use 2-3 slices or baby carrots for nose. Make wide half-circle mouth with berries. Yum!

Yogurt Parfait

Plain, low-fat yogurt, frozen or fresh blueberries/raspberries/strawberries, granola; clear 6-ounce cups

Directions: Children can alternate putting 2-3 layers of fruit and yogurt in their cup. Sprinkle granola on top of parfait.

Veggie Trees

Broccoli florets, baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, low-fat or fat-free salad dressing for dipping


Directions: Boil carrots and broccoli for about 5 minutes to soften. Cool under cold water. Carefully place the tomato, baby carrot, then broccoli on top of skewer.

Fun Fruit Kabobs

Grapes, strawberries, kiwi, pineapples, cantaloupe; skewers

Directions: Take turns alternating fruit on skewer.

Bananas and Peanut Butter

Bananas, peanut butter, granola; skewers

Directions: Chill bananas and cut in half. Stick a skewer in half way, lengthwise. Heat about ½ cup low-fat or no-fat peanut butter (10 second bursts) just until it’s loose enough to pour over banana. Pour over banana and sprinkle with granola. Chill in refrigerator about 30 minutes. Serve.

Ants on a Log (or in a car)

Celery (cut in 2-3 in pieces), low-fat or no-fat peanut butter, raisins, carrots (cut in small round pieces for wheels)

Directions: With a spoon, let children place peanut butter in the center of the celery stalk and place raisins (“ants”) on top of the peanut butter. Place carrot “wheels” on side of celery using the peanut butter as glue. Yummy!