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Letter: We’re all free to drive any vehicle we choose

We’re all free to drive any vehicle we choose

I am 66 years old and a Vietnam era veteran. For all these past years, I elected to purchase Ford, Chevy and Dodge vehicles. This past year, I wanted to purchase a midsize pickup truck. None of these manufacturers makes them any longer, so I looked at the Toyota Tacoma. It has all I want and need, so there is no need for me to purchase a much larger and more expensive truck.

As I checked the Tacoma, I found it was assembled in San Antonio, Texas, in a plant that employs about 2,000 Americans. Toyota also has plants in Alabama, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia and Mississippi. Sounds American to me. Some say that the money goes back to Japan. Yes, it does, but not all of it. That money also puts thousands of Americans to work. Some of the money from American name brands also goes to different countries and puts many of their people to work.

As a March 14 letter writer said, Honda and Toyota do a lot for this country. Years ago, I didn’t understand this. But the times have changed. Having said that, I am proud to be an American veteran and have the freedom to purchase what I want.

Bill Forringer