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Letter: Why does church allow gun shows at K of C?

Why does church allow gun shows at K of C?

As a practicing Catholic, my local church continues to confuse and mystify me. The diocese wants to build a society that is rooted in morals and educated in the faith, yet closes schools whose sole mission is precisely that. Now, the bishop condemns State Sen. Tim Kennedy on his pro-choice stance, yet the diocese and the Knights of Columbus in Cheektowaga are sponsoring gun shows in March and September. How is the continuation of this gun culture of death and violence to children pro-life?

I am confused by the actions of my local church. It is disconcerting that the bishop and the Knights of Columbus want to protect life only when it is in the womb but they are not concerned about protecting life after that moment. Ask the suffering parents in Newtown, Conn., if church-sponsored gun shows are pro-life rallies.

David Dewald