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Letter: War on unions is being waged on our front step

War on unions is being waged on our front step

A Feb. 15 News article fantasized the Manley family of Clarence as saviors to a community and its workforce. There are facts that were left from this account. For over a half-century, the Teamsters Union proudly represented the workforce at the former Will Poultry while the company profited and the union members provided for their families. They made a living wage with dignity and respect that all workers deserve but are not always provided.

Many workers were dismissed after the Manley family took over, and for those families the hardships they are currently enduring are real. Moms and dads who have lost their positions were guilty of no infraction other than a company claim that it was in its best interests not to proceed with a union. The war on working people is being waged right here, on our front step.

Darrin Ziemba


Teamsters Local #264