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Letter: Pro-choice writer offers apples-to-oranges opinion

Pro-choice writer offers apples-to-oranges opinion

A recent Another Voice on abortion written by a New York Civil Liberties Union legislative assistant is, in my opinion, an illogical, inaccurate, uninformed, apples-to-oranges argument.

Purporting to present her so-called pro-woman perspective from a legal and unbiased point of view, the writer cleverly dresses her statements in emotionalism, political rhetoric and manipulative cliches. At the same time, it would seem, she deliberately omits or ignores the rights of the innocent, voiceless, helpless, developing human life in the womb.

On the other side, the Catholic Church regards abortion as a grave moral and ethical matter; and in a more just and legally balanced approach, the church compassionately considers the life and well-being of both the woman and the preborn child.

It is unfortunate that in her closing remarks, Corrine Carey assumes that she and Sen. Timothy Kennedy speak for all women. As a pro-life Catholic, I can definitely affirm that neither one speaks for me.

Finally, I wonder if Carey or her mother ever heard of modern-day Saint Gianna Molla? This courageous Catholic wife, woman and physician willingly sacrificed her life for that of her beloved daughter.

Marilyn Neil, R.N.