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Letter: ‘Monuments Men’ far better than Simon’s bland review

‘Monuments Men’ far better than Simon’s bland review

Navigating Jeff Simon’s bland and mediocre review of “The Monuments Men,” readers encountered his usual corrals of bullet points, dead-end tangents, pointless name dropping, foreign bon mots and unrivaled haughtiness.

First, Simon wanted to see more humor because there wasn’t enough of the stereotypical towel-snapping of comradely movie GIs. As a veteran, I can attest soldiers possess varying levels of humor – just like regular people. I would tend to think those witnessing the unfathomable destruction left in the Nazis’ wake might have been heavy-hearted. But Simon thinks we needed more “M*A*S*H” and less “Saving Private Ryan.”

Second, Simon wanted more passion. Dying for your cause usually indicates passion, but he wanted more rage, more sorrow, more drama! Beat American movie audiences over the head with overacting so we know what we should be feeling.

Is Simon aware the Nazis considered modern art degenerate? Does he know Picasso was a modern artist? Did he put the pieces together? Thank you, George Clooney, for assuming we knew this without the aid of a Greek chorus, expositions, voice-overs and asides.

Third, Simon complained about the comic tone of the music. Perhaps the director used the score to establish and balance mood rather than utilize the towel-slapping American GI troop. Nah, the audience wouldn’t get that either.

Simon predicts the movie would have been better if Clooney’s bland and mediocre personality traits did not come through. I am not a Clooney fan, but bland and mediocre, he is not. To Simon’s credit, he does know how to get the laugh.

Maryann Stein