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Health and wellness

This topic has been the cornerstone of Refresh, because it feeds everything else and everything else feeds it. In the end, every other Refresh subject area is designed to help readers become healthier and more fulfilled.

That’s why the story we published last July about three people who stuck with their New Year’s resolutions for six months resonated with readers.

Wayne Kast swore off smoking, after dropping 60 pounds no less, celebrated his 50th birthday in August and remains smoke-free; Joe Biagiotti lost more than 80 pounds in a half year, with help from Buffalo Cardiology & Pulmonary in Williamsville; and Nancy Tetro, who for years exercised hard but ate what she wanted, changed her diet, and dropped 40 pounds. Her health coach gave her this advice: “No one has ever gotten fat eating vegetables.”

Another cover story included tips about finding a specialist amid a doctor shortage. They included making sure you have a primary care doctor or dependent practice association. There was a story that gave tips to prevent colds and flu – among them, eat and sleep right, exercise and get a flu shot – and just last week we published a story about sticking to your prescription medicine regimen, including a written strategy that should start with your doctor and pharmacist.

We also reported stories that showed health in its many forms, including pieces on beating holiday stress, finding solace during the daily bustle, and Dr. James Pilc, an OB/GYN who closed his medical practice to study, and now teach, meditation. He will share his knowledge in several spots this summer, including on meditation sails aboard the Spirit of Buffalo.

Health care reform will continue to shape the growing health system in the region, and stories coming within the next few months will include how medical groups are looking to treat patients in more holistic ways, how other health providers have begun to handle roles that once were the sole domain of doctors, and how insurance companies and wellness coordinators are devising new and various ways to keep all of us healthier in the workplace, in our neighborhoods and while we’re off having fun.

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