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Letter: Parishioners will reduce their weekly contributions

Parishioners will reduce their weekly contributions

If Catholic Bishop Richard Malone thinks he will get more money from the 10 parish schools that he is closing, he is badly mistaken. The money he is saving by eliminating all the teachers’ salaries and other support expenses will not go to giving him a larger annual financial assessment from these parishes. Many of us will just be reducing our annual envelope contribution by 25 percent, which we were giving to support Catholic education in our parish. We wish he would reconsider his unilateral decision.

It would be different if many of these schools being closed are financially unsound and draining the resources of the parish, but this is not the case in our parish. Many of us who went to Catholic schools want to support the parish financially, because by sending our children or grandchildren to these schools, we know it is an excellent foundation for our Catholic faith, especially in their middle school years. The schools’ mission is to educate children in the Catholic faith, and nobody makes money on any school – private, public or Catholic. If a Catholic school wants to stay open and satisfy its mission for 200, 100 or even 50 children, what right does anyone have to say it must close? That decision should be the parish’s with the support of the bishop, not the other way around.

John and Corinne Lupienski