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Letter: Key facts were omitted in Peace Bridge letter

Key facts were omitted in Peace Bridge letter

I read the letter, “Don’t give in to group blocking bridge plans,” in which the writer referred to her neighbors as obstructionists. The rat-infested homes she referred to on Busti Avenue were owned and neglected for 20 years by the Peace Bridge Authority. She failed to mention that. When the obstructionists tried to take the authority to Housing Court for the blight it was creating, the court refused to hear the case because the agency was protected by its status as an authority. She also failed to mention that.

She said the asthma problem is highly overrated, but forgot to mention the 600 kids who go to the surrounding school with inhalers for their asthma and are cared for by the nurses in those schools, and the family who lost a little boy due to asthma.

The writer admitted that the obstructionists would be sending pollution to another community. The fact is the alternate bridge site 25 minutes away does not have a residential community surrounding it like the West Side does.

Let’s start paying attention to those young kids with developing lungs. Let’s improve the West Side community with respect and peace with one another.

Alfred T. Coppola