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The Buzz: Good news in Korean, Groverburgers on Transit and ‘jugido’ at Our Lady of Victory

Lost in translation

Good news that the Buffalo Mass Mob, the group led by Buffalo’s Christopher Byrd that brings crowds to Masses at various urban churches, made the news in Korea. Even better news: The story is in Korean, so you get to use Google Translate. “The offering is gathering hordes,” read the headline. It went on to discuss the Mass Mob’s visit to Our Lady of Victory Basilica: “When the basket is offering a substantial amount of stone into the intestines to help the jugido.” And “Christopher Bird” is quoted as saying: “Okay foot in the old cathedral high release of something that feels approached closer to God.” Who, luckily, doesn’t need Google Translate. Imagine how He would answer your prayers.

Over Grover

Since a week ago, when The News probed the sites around Buffalo associated with President Grover Cleveland, more information about his stomping grounds has been pouring in. People mentioned Grover’s, the bar on Transit Road – home of the giant Groverburger – long said to be Cleveland’s hunting lodge. And one gentleman wrote in about a “nondescript building” on Linwood and Summer. He said someone from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers said it was its job to maintain the place, because Cleveland had lived there. What fun! Buzz, airily airing these tales on the Buzz Blog, had to be reined in by the Buffalo History Museum’s Cynthia Van Ness. “You’ve got to stop publishing these bogus Cleveland claims,” chided Cynthia, a friend of ours. “If someone told you that Grover Cleveland used to buy his suspenders at Two Guys, I am convinced that you’d print it verbatim.” Cynthia, we love you, but what about Lauren Belfer, who portrayed Cleveland in her novel “City of Light” as a lecher and criminal? The museum should go after her. Now, what was that about Two Guys? And pass us that Groverburger.

Weather or not

The ups and downs of the weather less to do with global warming and more to do with your plans. If you need to drive somewhere and have tires like Buzz’s Grab and Go’s, the ice will be 3 inches thick. On the other hand, if you have your heart set on skiing or sledding, you will poke your head out the door as Buzz did on a recent morning and smell spring and notice that your daffodils are up. (Ours are. They’re a quarter-inch tall.) This kind of wisdom was best encapsulated by former Buffalonian Les Trent, a senior correspondent on “Inside Edition.” On a recent mild day he wrote on Facebook: “I get my new cross-country skis tomorrow. It’ll be 55 and raining. You’re welcome, America.”

The buzz

Let’s get to the meat of the matter: Whether or not Grover’s was actually Cleveland’s hunting lodge, there’s no better way to memorialize Cleveland than with that Groverburger. The big guy would love it. ... Speaking of fattening treats, the much feared and anticipated Adam Mickiewicz Library Paczki contest commences at the Broadway Market at noon Saturday. Buzz will judge. Paczki are creamy, sugary doughnuts, is all we needed to know. ... The legendary Buffalo bouncer Ice Man called Buzz and said his new club is open. It’s Impulse Lounge, and it’s at 517 Washington St., and – well, details can wait. The important thing is, we get to say Ice Man called us. That’s cool.


“Buffalo (not New York)”

– The dateline to the Korean story on the Buffalo Mass Mob