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Letter: Recognizing supporters is not an affront to Olmsted

Recognizing supporters is not an affront to Olmsted

Buffalo is home to the unique masterpiece that is our Frederick Law Olmsted-designed park system. Spanning 1,200 acres, this park system touches every neighborhood in the city and plays host to countless visitors, events and outings each year.

Maintaining and preserving this resource is a $4 million annual responsibility. The Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy is fortunate to have an incredible partner in the City of Buffalo, which provides us with one-third of the funding necessary to fulfill our mission. The remaining funds come from outside sources, including generous individuals, foundations and corporations that recognize the important role the parks play in our community and for our overall quality of life.

A measure to recognize our sponsors in a simple, tasteful manner was recently voted down by the Buffalo Preservation Board. This represents a missed opportunity to cultivate important relationships that help sustain a park system that is among the nation’s finest.

Sponsors not only make it possible for the conservancy to provide events, such as the recent successful Flurrious festival, they make it possible for us to restore important park assets. Recognizing their important support and the investment they have made in our parks is not an affront to the Olmsted vision. It is a reminder to all that, while the parks belong to all of us, we are fortunate to have generous people and organizations who help make it possible for all of us to enjoy the parks.

Florence Johnson

Chairwoman, board of directors

Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy