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Letter: Drunken drivers kill far more than guns do

Drunken drivers kill far more than guns do

The Feb. 9 News article, “Gun owners still sour on Cuomo,” caught my attention. One owner stated: “Imagine … if the government determined that someone could buy no more than one six-pack of beer at a time, because alcohol is at the root of so many social problems and contributes to natural and accidental deaths. Wouldn’t people protest?”

I’m the father of one of those so-called “accidental deaths” by a person driving his motorcycle drunk onto the Amherst Bike Path, killing my daughter, Jocelyn Elberson, and Sheila Pelton and injuring Foster Pelton. This was the driver’s seventh DWI! Was this an accident, or is this another problem that we as a society ignore because alcohol is big money?

Another recent article stated: “At least 91 children were killed by guns in 2012.” In comparison, according to statistics from MADD, in 2011, 226 children were killed from alcohol-related crashes. In 2012, 10,322 people died from DWI crashes!

So when the gun owner quickly interjected, “Don’t give Cuomo no ideas,” I ask, why not? Why not use your swift action to enact a law to disarm and stop “repeat offenders” from ever driving on the roads or owning or possessing a vehicle? Why not do something to save lives?

For the record, I’m a proud father and pro-gun supporter. “No vote from me, Mr. Cuomo.” As the saying goes: Guns don’t kill; it’s the person using them. The same can be said about alcohol. Please be responsible with your alcohol use. Don’t drink and drive. Have a plan. Alcohol is a bigger problem than we admit.

Chuck Elberson