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Letter: Let’s work together to improve schools

Let’s work together to improve schools

In a recent My View column, “Let’s save the dream and build community,” social studies teacher Anthony L. White II hit the nail on the head in addressing our broken societal system as the primary factor underlying the vast majority of our city children’s underperformance in school. I, too, believe that if we do not address the breakdown of community, we can at best put Band-Aids on the problem.

I laud White’s fine job of outlining the steps that need to be taken to create a strong and healthy community so that every child has a real chance at excelling academically, which involve: thinking “of ourselves not as segregated citizens but as a network of people whose well-being is interdependent and interconnected;” and accessing spaces where “working collaboratively for the collective good” can be practiced. In other words, we need to come together to fix the diseased system that has perpetuated inequality and separateness.

Nice work, Mr. White, for your evaluation of what appears to be a small-minded approach to fixing our city schools. I agree wholeheartedly that if we are ever to build Dr. King’s dream again, all citizens need to collectively undertake the task. It can and will be done as long as enough citizens have the will to do it.

Mary H. O’Herron