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Letter: Building a new stadium for Bills makes no sense

Building a new stadium for Bills makes no sense

The Buffalo Bills are the only NFL team to actually play its home games in New York State. It has community support, however, it has not gone to the playoffs in 14 seasons and one game was blacked out due to low ticket sales.

There are two preseason games and seven regular-season games played in Buffalo. The proposed construction of a new stadium has a projected cost of $1.5 billion while the stadium has already taken on $130 million worth of renovations in time for next season. Based on nine days of use, that is 358 days of non-use. Even the training camp is in Pittsford, not in Buffalo.

The NFL has a non-profit, tax-exempt status and earns $10 billion in profits. The commissioner’s salary is $29.5 million a year. It is a business and we need to keep that in mind.

Having lived in Buffalo for 15 years, all I have heard is that the Bills may be moving to another city. Why would you build a new stadium given this scenario? If the team leaves, we sit with an empty stadium and all of the debt associated with it.

Buffalo has the third highest poverty rate of an American city with more than 250,000 residents. Can we afford a new stadium?

There are five people evaluating Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s proposal – Lt. Gov. Robert Duffy, Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown, Niagara Falls Mayor Paul Dyster, Buffalo Niagara Partnership CEO Dottie Gallagher-Cohen and Empire State Development President Kenneth Adams. So, you know who to write.

Jan Barton

East Aurora