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Restrained response by high school leaders to house party incident

UPDATE: Fr. Joseph Costantino, president of Canisius High School, did respond via email to The News late last night. Blog follow up to come.

The leaders of top area high schools clearly felt pressure to respond to concerned parents and alumni after The Buffalo News ran a story about a wild house party in which their students caused thousands of dollars in damage and thefts.

But it's equally clear they really wished they didn't have to. Of the four schools contacted by The News via phone and email, only the principal of City Honors, William Kresse, responded. He also sent out the lengthiest response to parents and alumni. (Of course, City Honors also had the greatest number of students present at the home wrecking event.) The leaders of the other three -- Nardin, Canisius and St. Joseph's -- chose not to write their own tailored response. Instead, all three schools sent out the same statement under their own banners.

Here's the link to the statement issued by Kresse, featured in Wednesday's School Zone blog post.

Below is the statement -- with the exception of a few very minor word changes -- issued by Nardin, Canisius and St. Joe's.

-- Sandra Tan


Our hearts, prayers and thoughts go out to the family whose home was desecrated, as reported in the Buffalo News on January 24, 2014.

We are very concerned about this behavior by these young people. Regardless of their youth, this is unacceptable.

In addition to conducting our own internal investigation, and providing full cooperation with any police action, we will assist our families and community in taking action to hold these students accountable.

We will continue to instill in our young people the fact that they are responsible for their behavior and actions, as well as those of their peers.

Our schools have a long tradition of educating young people in Buffalo. The values demonstrated by the participants in these acts are not those we instill. Again, we empathize with the family whose privacy was invaded, whose property was damaged, and whose trust has been violated.

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