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Letter: Cuomo’s remarks were indefensible

Cuomo’s remarks were indefensible

I find it disturbing that The News chose to defend Gov. Andrew Cuomo on its editorial page. Cuomo was certainly not referring to extremist politicians when he said pro-life conservatives have no place in New York State. What he said was an insult to at least half the population of this state.

The News often endorses left-wing types, even over our local guy in the last gubernatorial election. Guys like Cuomo and Sen. Charles Schumer always win by dividing us. They’re able to convince people that lawful gun owners are going to shoot up your schild’s school.

I think we have enough Christians, legal gun owners and intelligent patriots in this state. Let’s join forces and vote these tyrants out of office, starting with Cuomo next fall.

Richard Zielinski