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Olean brewery fully cleared to begin operations

OLEAN – The business that is looking to revitalize a former brewery as a new brewery has received full blessing from the City of Olean Planning Board, after a public hearing Monday night on the site plan.

Neighbors of the facility had very little negative to say about the plans to bring the largely production facility to the Greene Street neighborhood, in South Olean. Major concerns that were raised had to do with parking, traffic and truck routes, and noise levels.

A neighbor from across Greene Street expressed parking concerns, especially with no one on the street having off-street parking. She said the number of cars parking there would have the potential of taking parking away from residents of the area.

Principal of Four Mile Brewing, Gregg Piechota, assured her that the parking issue would be minimal, since the place will not be a restaurant or bar.

The facility will house a tap room where customers can get a deli sandwich and a beer. Some may sit and watch a game on television while they eat, but the traffic will be minimal, he said.

City Community Development Coordinator Mary George said the parking requirements, in terms of city zoning laws, have been met and are required.

An issue with parking is the anticipated employee situation in the next five to six years, anticipated to grow from the three principals to between 10 and 15 employees.

That parking issue, according to Piechota, will be taken care of with parking between the buildings on the property.

Another issue centered on the non-truck route status of South Barry Street, an adjoining route to the buildings.

Mike Jordan, a resident of the street, said the utility lines hang very low in the area and truck traffic for delivery and shipment would potentially pull them down. Since the street is not a truck route, Piechota said the trucks would have very specific instructions not to use the street.

The new home of Four Mile Brewing is expected to open this fall, offering cans, kegs and growlers of beer, as well as the deli shop. Visitors will also be able to see the production in action, according to Piechota.