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Marshawn Lynch makes brief appearance at Media Day

NEW YORK -- Sunglasses on and hood up, Marshawn Lynch took questions from reporters for a little more than 6 minutes today as part of Super Bowl XLVIII Media Day.

That answered one of the more fascinating questions of the week surrounding the former Bills running back and current Seahawks star -- would he show up?

Lynch's aversion to the media has been well documented this season. He was fined $50,000 earlier in the year for not speaking. That fine was held in abeyance after Lynch agreed to meet the league-imposed media demands, which he did before each Seattle playoff game.

Lynch made it clear he's as comfortable as a polar bear on South Beach in front of the cameras and microphones.

"“I'm just about action. You say 'hut' and there's action. All the unnecessary talk, it don't do nothing for me. I appreciate that people want to hear from me, but I just go to work and do my thing. You feel me?" he said.

Asked why his interviews were so uncomfortable, Lynch said, "I think you're just taking it wrong. It don't make me uncomfortable."

Lynch said that he likes to "keep it low key," and that Seahawks fans don't care what he says -- or doesn't say -- to the press, only that he shows up to perform.

As for whether he's enjoying the moment, Lynch took the opportunity to end his press conference.

"I won't be satisfied with this until it's all over. When we win, that's when I'll be satisfied. Until then, I've got work, but I appreciate all this. Y’all have a good day."

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