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Letter: Majority of gun owners don’t support SAFE Act

Majority of gun owners don’t support SAFE Act

This letter is in response to the Another Voice titled: “Responsible gun owners support the state’s new law.” The simple fact is that we do not support the NY SAFE Act. As a responsible gun owner, and a member of law enforcement, I want to remind readers that the vast majority of county legislatures in New York State are on record as not supporting the SAFE Act. In addition, a large number of law enforcement agencies in the state have gone on record as not supporting the SAFE Act. How could this be?

The easiest and most logical explanation for this is that the SAFE Act does nothing to make citizens safer in any way. The only thing that it does is make uninformed people feel like something positive has been done, when in fact, it has not. The SAFE Act was an emotional reaction to a terrible tragedy, passed in the middle of the night by an arrogant governor and a bunch of politicians who did not even have time to read the entire piece of legislation.

Its only real impact is that it now makes criminals of previously law-abiding citizens because of its arbitrary, nonsensical new rules, regulations and infringements on our Second Amendment rights. Reasonable gun owners and law enforcement officials would support laws that would punish the bad guys. The Safe Act is not that law.

As responsible gun ownership increases, statistics have shown that violent crime has actually gone down. The overwhelming majority of gun violence is a result of gang violence, drug violence and the commission of other crimes. It is not done by the average “responsible gun owner.” Some of the cities in the United States with the strictest gun laws have the highest incidence of gun violence. Examples include Chicago and Washington, D.C. As much as gun detractors hate to admit it, responsible gun owners have made our streets safer.

David Bystrak

West Seneca