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Letter: Drones make killing easy, resulting in more violence

Drones make killing easy, resulting in more violence

The News editorial on drones and the new regional research center made many good points. However, the assertion that “Few people question how useful drones can be. Their use in military operations in places like Afghanistan is well documented” was illogical and ironic. The widespread terror and suffering caused by drones, and the innocents killed and maimed, have been well documented. Family members of civilians killed by drones testified before Congress two months ago (only five Congress members came). Drones make killing easy – like a video game. Signature strikes based on commonplace circumstances, and hitting targets when they are in large groups, result in many innocents killed and increase enmity toward the United States for unjust and arbitrary violence.

If police are using such a tool to “keep them out of harm’s way,” we can expect the same result domestically. More innocent people mistakenly killed, more trauma and violence, leading to even more trauma and violence.

The easy availability of guns serves the same basic principle – anything that makes it easier to kill results in more killing and violence. Again, fighting violence with violence is like fighting fire with gasoline – it doesn’t work. People kill people, yes – but if we, through weaponized drones, widespread guns or any other means, make it easier for people to kill people, the violence in our society and our world will continue to increase.

Let us work for peace and justice through improved communication and increased cooperation, rather than ever-increasing armaments.

Victoria Ross, QCSW, LMSW

Peaceful Conflict Resolution

Consultant, Interfaith Peace

Network/WNY Peace Center