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Letter: Cuomo’s true colors revealed in remarks

Cuomo’s true colors revealed in remarks

I am writing to express my thanks to Gov. Andrew Cuomo for speaking honestly on a public radio broadcast on Jan. 17, saying that “extreme conservatives have no place in New York State.” Fellow extremists, does Cuomo have your attention yet? Those who oppose drunken driving, smoking and fracking, aren’t you extreme in the defense of your liberties? Ask yourselves: “How will the governor define extremism tomorrow?” Will he banish liberal extremists next week?

I do thank him for showing all of New York State two things. First, he is one of the dimmest bulbs on the tree. What politician who has presidential aspirations would say such a dumb thing on public radio? Second, he has, with a crescendo of verbal fireworks like Howard Dean, shown thinking New Yorkers that he and his deep-seated convictions are unfit for the governor’s job, let alone the presidency.

We have now moved from attacking Second Amendment rights into the fringes of First Amendment rights suppression – we can’t speak freely in New York State. Those who seek absolute power to enforce their own messianic laws are the ones who create the most evil tyrannies.

Craig L. Thrasher

East Aurora