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Letter: Catholic schools still provide great education

Catholic schools still provide great education

A recent letter, complaining that the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo has a lot of nerve spending money on 30-second commercials promoting Catholic education while at the same time closing many of its schools, rubbed me the wrong way as a beneficiary of a Catholic education. The writer doesn’t seem to understand that the reasons behind these closings are mainly due to financial, demographic and enrollment circumstances.

Those schools that remain open and consolidated will still provide an excellent education for the children whose parents choose to enroll. Why shouldn’t the diocese advertise and inform the public of that fact? The closing of the schools listed in The News is certainly disheartening and tragic. However, the quality of the education provided by the schools remaining open is beyond question and supported by facts easily verified. The outrage of the writer of that letter appears to me to be an outrage of uninformed arrogance. How dare she?

Norman Machynski