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Letter: Let returning troops patrol nation’s borders

Let returning troops patrol nation’s borders

An article in the Jan. 19 News talks about the Army’s transition from that of a combat role to one of being garrisoned, and the idleness that follows. I am a combat vet from Vietnam and cannot imagine being so bored with stateside duty that I’d want to re-enter another combat zone. I believe that there is a simple solution to this problem.

Our border with Mexico leaks like a sieve, with illegal aliens crossing almost daily. With them are gang members, criminals released by Mexican authorities, cartel drug runners and the like. I cannot see why the military cannot be used to guard this border and our northern border with Canada against entry by illegal aliens and terrorists.

It amazes me that we can track an individual bovine with mad cow disease and trace a strain of botulism to an individual crop where it was grown, and not be able to solve this dilemma.

Charles Carter