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Where oh where did my cellphone go?

A friend of mine told me that earlier this week, she and her husband spent a ridiculous amount of time at home trying to locate her missing cellphone.

Calling her number did not help them. They heard no ringing.

Where did it finally show up? On top of a 3-pound can of coffee in the kitchen but under a red pot holder also on top of the can. The ringer was turned off, so naturally they couldn’t locate it when they called the number.

Who hasn’t misplaced a phone from time to time? At home I’m forever finding mine on a window sill, next to a pile of folded towels, on top of the bookshelf.

“Your phone is ringing in your closet,” a family member will inform me. Once again.

According to one news story I came across, a home builder in England once mistakenly left his phone inside the wall of a house during a construction project. Other phones have been lost – and later found – in refrigerators (next to the milk on the middle shelf), at the edge of a hay bale, between two books in a library and in the tank of a toilet, according to this article.

My friend who found her phone sandwiched between the coffee can and pot holder said she considers winter to be a most challenging season for keeping track of cellphones. Searching the car in the cold is no fun – and never at a convenient time. Like 11 p.m.

Dressing in layers doesn’t help a bit. It only increases the number of garment pockets in which you can stick your phone, which, in turn, increases the chances it will accidentally fall out or you will forget about it. Yes, the zippered pocket on the coat tossed across the dining room chair is a good place to start looking for a misplaced phone. Riiiiing.

Others tell me they have found their phones in a sneaker, a robe pocket or a laundry basket. Some know people who have left their phones in cabs or at an open house while shopping for a new home. Annoying too: Leaving a phone behind at someone’s house after a visit. Forgetting it at home on a day a snowstorm is expected. Or leaving it behind at the office – on a Friday.

Even though I did, indeed, once lose a cellphone forever, most of the time I can quickly retrieve it just by retracing my steps – or calling the number.

The most frustrating for me was the time I couldn’t find my phone after eating lunch at a restaurant. I searched the table and under my chair. Nope. I looked inside my tote. Not there. I asked if anyone turned one in. Sorry, no. I looked everywhere in my car – overhead, between seats, on the floor, under mats.

I finally found it – inside the lining of my tote bag. Mystery finally solved.

When I asked my daughter what weird places she and her friends have lost and found their phones, she quickly responded: “We don’t lose our phones.”

That’s right. How could I forget? Their phones are never out of their sight.