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Letter: We need to end social and corporate welfare

We need to end social and corporate welfare

As a lifelong registered Republican, I’d like congressional Republicans to be fair. If, as a party, we are conservative in spending the tax money of our constituents by cutting food stamps and unemployment benefits and destroying health care for all, we should also, as a party, do away with corporate welfare. Billions of dollars of tax breaks and subsidies benefit corporations and fiscal speculators. A good example of this is the carried interest that hedge fund operators enjoy.

Are corporations and industries like banking, oil, coal, natural gas, farming, etc., so weak they deserve to be propped up by taxpayer money?

New York State now has a program of 10 years of tax freedom to lure industry into the state. How do we make up for the lack of those taxes? Does the state borrow to provide essential services for its citizens? It costs money to keep infrastructure maintained or built so people can feel secure in their state investments.

Instead of tax relief, don’t the state’s highly trained workforce and natural advantages attractive enough investment? Conservatives complain that government is too big and intrusive, but they quickly accept these incentives to move their businesses here. Talk about killing the incentive to invest your own money after doing your homework. Are we developing a generation of economic wimps who, unless they get some type of stipend, won’t invest?

It is a conservative principle that giving community benefits in economic hard times is a disincentive to unemployed citizens to look for work. I therefore conclude that giving any kind of corporate welfare is a disincentive to conservatives to invest their own money. So fair is fair – no social welfare and no corporate welfare.

Richard Czarnecki