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Letter: Buffalo must preserve incredible architecture

Buffalo must preserve incredible architecture

The voices of preservationists in the City of Buffalo need to be heard. We must inform the public that we have truly great architecture in the city we live in. Buffalo is home to works by H.H. Richardson, Louis Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright, all world-renowned architects. Buffalo is one of only two cities in the entire world to have a piece by these three architects.

As a city, we need to take advantage of this because it is cost-effective. With a technique called mothballing, we can do just that. Even though is not be an enjoyable sight, it is worth it in the long run. In the future, as Buffalo continues to grow, unlike other cities we will not have to build new buildings. Through mothballing we are saving these buildings but also saving money. We need to inform the public on what great architecture we have here and get the public’s support for preserving it.

Grace Curatolo

East Amherst