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Letter: Music sets the mood at local restaurants

Music sets the mood at local restaurants

My husband and I are avid and loyal customers of various Western New York restaurants and simply enjoy relaxing at the bar with a cocktail prior to our meal. Once we’re seated to experience the ambience and all the fabulous flavors of the delicious food paired with some fine wine, the music has a major importance.

Whether we’re indulging in Italian, Asian or good old American cuisine, we thoroughly enjoy listening to the background music. Why do some authentic restaurants (Asian or Italian) not play music to follow the theme of the restaurant? Honestly, it would make the meal more enjoyable.

We have our share of favorite restaurants locally, and thoroughly love the variety of music that is chosen throughout the evening. So the next time you have the opportunity to experience some delicious and authentic cuisine, divert your attention to the background music and see if it makes a difference with your enjoyment of the food and the ambience.

Jackie LoVullo