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Letter: Tea party extremists don’t speak for most

Tea party extremists don’t speak for most

Recently, while watching the GOP try to overthrow democracy, I was reminded of Mitt Romney and his now infamous complaint about the “47 percent,” whom he and the GOP consider “takers.” They are people who do not contribute in “his” society. He and the GOP wrote them off as non-salvageable, and therefore not worth their time to even try to reach through campaigning. They didn’t matter. I guess the 47 percent showed Romney.

The term democracy is defined loosely as “rule of the people.” We in America have a representative democracy, where we delegate authority to speak on our behalf. In this country, since the passage of suffrage and several amendments to the Constitution, one person represents one vote. No less, and certainly no more.

Fast forward to the government shutdown, manufactured by the GOP and its rising star, Sen. Ted Cruz. His contention is that Americans are solidly against the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Despite polling to the opposite, he persists. This is where my “uh huh” moment came. His America is against the law. It always seems that the wealthiest citizens count themselves to be superior to all others. Their opinion matters most, because they have money. Their sense of entitlement is astounding. They believe that their good fortune was based on nothing but hard work. No mention of lucrative government contracts. No mention of inherited wealth. No mention of the wealth generated by questionable business ethics.

The people have spoken. We elected a black president, twice. We have endorsed most parts of the Affordable Care Act. We did not ask the Republicans to try to repeal this law 48 times. We did not ask them to shut down government. So please, tea party, stop trying to undo 200-plus years of progress. Our democracy is not perfect, but it is the best that the world has seen.

Richard Carter