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Letter: Mychajliw is doing great job for county

Mychajliw is doing great job for county

I’d like to offer my retort to the recent News editorial endorsing Kevin Gaughan for Erie County comptroller. We all know that the person filling this position should be someone with impeccable credentials, since he will be in control of our tax dollars and making decisions that could impact our county financially for years to come. Therefore, I have to agree with Gaughan when he himself says he is not a perfect candidate. After all, running up a $28,000 tax bill with the IRS and not divulging the amount to the public for quite some time is not exactly a work of transparency.

On the other hand, I am not aware of Stefan Mychajliw having to overcome such an obstacle. His past history as a news reporter, I believe, has ingrained in him the goal of telling it like it is, even at the expense of status-quo displeasure. He has already made several disclosures of practices at the county offices of which the public was unaware. The News editorial states that “Mychajliw’s image as a self-promoter who is preparing for higher office is inescapable.”

Well, golly gee whiz! Isn’t self-promotion part of all our makeups, especially those in the public eye? We need a good watchman over our tax money. Mychajliw, in my, opinion, is that man.

Norman Machynski