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Letter: Examine the facts before casting vote

Examine the facts before casting vote

It must be election time again, judging from the amount of political letters and junk mail that is arriving. I can appreciate a candidate’s desire to communicate with the voters, but I have a serious problem with the half-truths of those seeking re-election or the promises of first-time candidates who promise to solve everything. I worry about the no-show voters in a non-presidential election year when those running are primarily at the local level.

A recent letter praised the work of Lynne Dixon, Erie County’s 9th District representative, and her attempt to reduce train noise. This was a 5-year-old issue publicized in our local Hamburg paper, investigated by our Hamburg Village Traffic Safety Committee and pursued with successful results by our then Hamburg Town Councilwoman Kathy Hochul. The 1 a.m. whistle blowing here in the village ceased. If Dixon had done more research, she would know the Quebec train explosion does not apply to our small four-to-five car freight train, which does not transport explosive material.

Also Dixon’s recent independent letter made no mention of any effort to represent the hundreds of retired Bethlehem Steel employees who wanted their office building preserved back when it was still safe and could have been restored. This would have gone against the Lackawanna politicians. Finally we need to look beyond the fancy slingers and politically inaccurate correspondence. We all need to seek the true facts and then vote.

Peter M. Danforth

Retired Chairman, Traffic Safety

Committee, Village of Hamburg