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Letter: Weinstein is not telling the full story on taxes

Weinstein is not telling the full story on taxes

Barry Weinstein must think that Amherst residents can’t do simple math. His political flyers boast that as town supervisor, he has lowered the property tax rate. But he fails to mention repeated property reassessments that have inflated property values.

The bottom line, for those of us who can do simple math, is that the increased assessment basis more than offsets the slightly lowered tax rate and has resulted in higher tax bills. Weinstein gives a little with one hand, then takes back more with the other.

No doubt he will disavow responsibility for the reassessments, just as he has disavowed responsibility for his appointed Zoning Board’s approval of a six-story mixed-use building overshadowing Main Street in Williamsville; variances that are allowing construction of a six-story Hyatt hotel behind the Lord Amherst Hotel in Snyder, devaluing neighboring homes; and the near approval of a two-story metal Butler structure on Sacred Heart’s campus in historic Eggertsville.

And after this election, what will a re-elected Weinstein Zoning Board approve for redevelopment of the Cantalician Center on Eggert Road?

Ray Volpe