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Letter: Gaughan is best choice for county comptroller

Gaughan is best choice for county comptroller

Erie County deserves an active and independent comptroller to serve as a watchdog of the people’s money and trust. No doubt many voters thought that Stefan Mychajliw could fill that role when they narrowly elected him last year. However, in that short time, Mychajliw has proven himself severely unsuited for the job.

He has released a flurry of drama-inducing press releases instead of level-headed professional audits that could actually save taxpayers money. The most disappointing of his antics included sending a staff member to deceptively remove private documents from a locked storage facility.

Like the boy who cried wolf, Mychajliw has lost all credibility. Instead of an independent watchdog, we found ourselves with a highly partisan ankle-biter. It’s time for a change in the comptroller’s office, which is why I’m supporting Kevin Gaughan for that role.

No one can question his dedication to finding ways to thoughtfully lower the cost of local government. Without holding any elected or appointed position, Gaughan has led efforts that are credited with saving $5.2 million in citizens’ taxes. In doing so, I’m sure that he’s ruffled a few political feathers, but that’s a side effect, not the goal. I hope my fellow citizens will join me in electing a real leader as comptroller.

Chris Sasiadek