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Letter: Collins keeps aligning with the radical fringe

Collins keeps aligning with the radical fringe

Recently a group from the radical fringe of the Republican Party was able to shut down the federal government and threaten to allow the nation to default on money it owed, all in the name of preventing implementation of the Affordable Care Act. (Why do they so hate the idea of making health insurance available to all?)

Most economists and almost all members of the financial industry warned that if the country went into default and didn’t pay its bills, an economic calamity worse than 2008 could result. Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed and in the nick of time a bipartisan group of Democrats and moderate Republicans turned back the radicals and reopened the government.

Surprisingly, however, one of our local congressmen, Rep. Chris Collins, chose to vote with the radical fringe and against the American economy. Despite his recent protestations, Collins voted with the extremists on every vote, including voting to let the country default for the first time in its history. Why does Collins continue to side with the tea party radicals and play games (Russian roulette) with the economy?

Daniel Kester