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Gary E. Vara, Candidate for Boston Town Supervisor

Gary E. Vara

Candidate for Boston Town Supervisor

Lines on Ballot: Democratic

Age: 65

Number of years living in town: 26

Occupation/Employer: retired teacher/high school football coach

Top campaign platform agendas:

As the former Boston recreation director, I have firsthand knowledge of just how important youth and senior programs are in contributing to the character of a community like Boston. I can once again bring the voice of the taxpayer to town government. Taxpayers should be the only responsibility of government.

Biggest issues facing the town:

As a town board member, what I have witnessed over the past two years is a board majority that failed to keep their promise of transparency, and to run our government like a business. Instead, it is a majority that prioritizes politics and developers over taxpayers, as well as disrespect for our volunteer firefighters.