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John M. Abraham Jr., Candidate for Lancaster Town Board

John M. Abraham Jr.

Candidate for Lancaster Town Board

Lines on Ballot: Democrat, Conservative, Independence, Working Families

Age: 37

Number of years living in town: Lifelong resident of Depew and Lancaster

Occupation/Employer: Social Studies teacher for Lancaster Central School District

Elected Lancaster town councilman in 2008 to fill a vacancy, and elected to full term in 2009.

Top campaign platform agendas:

One of the issues I want to address in my second term is abandoned and foreclosed properties in Lancaster. Having these homes in a neighborhood causes property values to drop and leads to other problems with rodents and looters. I want to continue to work with Lancaster’s Code Enforcement Officers to make sure the banks who own these properties continue to maintain them so that they can eventually be sold or, if necessary, demolished.

I also want to continue to work to find ways to provide services to the residents of Lancaster while trying to keep taxes down. One of the things that has been done since I was elected to my first term includes the opening of the Heritage Bike Trail. This trail was built using federal grants and no local tax dollars.

I have also supported tax breaks for Cold War Veterans as well as for senior citizens.

During my first term in office, the town of Lancaster has gotten a new public safety building built. After being discussed for the last ten years, this new facility will provide our police department and our judges with the necessary space and needs to carry out their duties.

Biggest issues facing the town:

One of the biggest issues facing the Town of Lancaster is infrastructure. During my first term in office, I worked with the Highway Superintendent to bond money in order to update and fix many of the bridges, roads, and culverts throughout Lancaster.

Spending and taxes is another issue facing the town of Lancaster. Just like other municipalities, Lancaster has to find ways to provide services to its residents while trying to keep spending down. Some things that I have done to address this included updating highway equipment. Much of this equipment has been used for more than 20-30 years and by making these much-needed upgrades will save the town money in the long run on maintenance costs.

Additionally, I have supported the town moving to self-insured for town employees. This move saved taxpayers money by cutting down on some healthcare costs for town employees.